Triangle was designed to be a combination of simplicity and minimalism with a particular, high-end sound covered in the warm and unobtrusive bass. Such combination was made possible through a careful selection of transducers. Advanced transducers from Excel and a well-sounding aluminum woofer create a sound which undoubtedly counterbalances the sharp geometric shapes of the enclosure. Magnesium tweeter with an advanced axially magnetized NdFeB ring magnet, Nextel’s Excel for mid-ranges, and a very soft and deep-sounding aluminum specialist in low tones.
These speakers constitute an offer for demanding clients who appreciate clear, unobtrusive, highly controlled sound with a dose of an excellent, descending bass base and also for those who pay homage to minimalist interior design. Triangle is meant to raise the prestige of the spaces in which they can be found.

What makes us different

Unconventional design

allows for an optional personalization of the speakers. Special rings separating transducers from the hard glass.


Meticulously designed application in a complex enclosure, which creates the perfect environment for transmitters, as well as an excellent and uncompromising filtration, consistent with its assumptions.


Selective choice of advanced transducers from Seas Excel thanks to which we obtained an excellent sound, clear as glass.



The hi-end application has contributed to high-end sound. Extremely low distortion level and virtually unnoticeable in measurements parasitic storage of energy is the result of a perfect filtering of the speakers, which also contributes to creating a very clear, selective, moving in the direction of brighter midranges and trebles sound supported by an extremely warm and massive low tones, descending extremely low in relation to the size of the used woofer.
Tests have shown that they complete themselves sounding consistently and pleasantly. Driven by a strong transistor they show what a control of resounds and a low and growling bass really means. Triangle does not necessarily need a strong power supply. Single Ends, with a weaker amplification, sound cleverly and pleasantly, fully introducing the listener to the world of music. After only a short period of listening the scene created by Triangle makes the speakers disappear, and the listener is moved to the center of a musical event.


The complexity of the enclosure (soft wood, glass, and resin-based composites) in combination with its application contribute to the high-end character of the speakers. Due to the triangular base, Triangle gives the impression of a glass pane with built-in speakers, making it a futuristic design. The listener can not see the sides of the speakers. The entire box reflects images of the interior taking on the character of the room, becoming part of it. All the walls and bulkheads are triangular in shape, which brings many acoustic and stylistic advantages. The bass chamber contains a diffuser and anti-resonance baffle between the subwoofer and mid-tone chambers with air dilatation.
The speakers are isolated from the hard structure of glass with unique separating rings.
The use of glass in a speaker cabinet opens up new possibilities for unlimited customization of enclosure designs. Visit our website to find out more about different Triangle variations that can awaken your imagination. From now on, speaker columns do not have to be only black, white, wooden, though the Triangle may also be made as such.


Construction type 3-way vented in hybrid enclosure
Bandwidth 22Hz – 22 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 75 – 200 W
Nominal power  125 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm ( minimum 3,6 Ohm )
Bandwidth allocation 160Hz / 1700Hz
Efficiency 86 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 142 x 55 x 67

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