TAO is a project that arouses a lot of emotions and but also a lot of controversies. An unconventional approach to the subject of design – pilasters on the front, is a question mark addressed to us by audiophiles, and at the same time a decisive nod to customers who reach for the classics of design. It can be easier to incorporate speaker columns into rooms arranged in a classic and antique style. Pilasters or columns may have a different form and refer to furniture from different eras. Appearance is important, but the most important is sound. In designing and tuning, we focused mainly on the sound.
TAO is a completely new product in our range of products. Massive stable construction and 3-way system with offset bass speaker refer to the great solutions used in the Dune project. The form of the application, in this case, is characterised by three main features: a sloping front topped with pilasters, a trapezoidal tapering and sloping towards the rear body, as well as original vertical openwork internal ribbing.
The configuration comprises a great SATORI duo – we have combined in this design an annular dome and a papyrus cone with a powerful uncompromising bass speaker. In short, TAO is fire and water, classic appearance and modernity of application.

What makes us different

Massive trapezoid shape with pilasters on the front

Classic housing with the possibility of personalization

The unusual character of the sound breaking the patterns


Unusual contouring and cohesion, supported by a powerful bass




Implementation of a 3-way application with an offset bass speaker closer to the bottom and tilting front panel allows to control the reverb times in the listening room. In TAO we used a long-throw bass speaker that allows you to receive high power. It creates a very solid and massive sound in this frequency range. Perversely, without any complexes, we have combined the bass with the SATORI duo which can draw the stage in a very convincing way and paint with reverbs. The sounds released by TAO break many patterns, however, keeping the tone in the entire bandwidth in check. It is hard to describe them, but you definitely have to listen to them.


The construction of the Trapezoid block tapering towards the rear. The sides of the fronts are closed by classic pilasters with rounded edges. The proposed finish is a piano varnish and high gloss veneer. The proprietary internal ribbing and slotted trapezoid resonant system (hand-made as most of the speaker column elements) provide additional advantages. All this is set on massive plinths. An undoubted advantage of the construction is the ability to personalize the profile of pilasters and the type of natural veneers which will allow you to fully match the look and feel of your interiors.

Technical data

Construction type Three way vented
Bandwidth 35Hz – 20 kHz
Recomended amplifier power 100 – 250 W
Nominal power 150 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 150Hz / 2500Hz
Efficiency 86 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 124 x 50 x 52

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