The search for a sound close to audiophile perfection. Detailed trebles, clear and excellent midranges are supported by the dynamic but not shallow bass. We use Aurum Cantus speakers for trebles and bass and the midranges are covered by Usher. This project turned out to be very successful which has been confirmed by a large number of people who have listened to our speakers. You are more than welcome to verify it by yourself at our store!

What makes us different

double bass-reflex

Double bass-reflex placed on the front side of enclosure is an intentional move – it improves dynamics giving you more control over the sound and minimizing the turbulence. It also gives you more freedom in placing the speakers.

ribbon loudspeaker

The ribbon in DUNE project is not only meant to introduce variety in our offer – it is a quest in search of the best sound, combining it with other speakers, keeping in mind the best possible design for this model.


A crossover made of 21 elements shows how much work did the acoustics experts put in reaching the sound goal.

solid wood

Two types of wood are used for the creation of this speaker, which highly influence the superb sound parameters. The customer gets a unique, man-made product.

Short sound description

Maximum optimization of tonal balance of the construction from the highest pitch to the upper bass octaves allows for the creation of a massive and warm sound of the midranges.
Midranges definitely dominate the sound of this construction. You can hear that the strong bass is acting obediently to higher tones and the deep sound enters exactly when it is supposed to. Delicate and selective trebles are created by a detailed ribbon which perfectly supplements clear vocals. The construction likes power and is not merciful to weaker realizations. A great companion of good quality hard electronic sounds.
DUNE speakers do not go towards sharp sounds but are not accustomed to weak, easily overdriven electronics.


There is nothing that can beat the experience of being around and admiring the beauty of those speakers. It would be a shame to hide them in the corners of a small room without letting their shape get the appreciation they deserve. Smooth lines accompany each side except for the front and the bottom. Those complex forms, however, came to life not for the looks but to enhance the sound. The enclosure is made of two types of wood, as in TAU CETI model. The inner side of the cabinet is shaped to achieve perfect acoustics. The depth of the cabinet and the lines let out a fully controlled sound which expands as it fades away. We used ash wood for the front side of DUNE, just as in TEBE cabinets. But we want to be flexible. We are open to different customer expectations. They can be made of mahogany or nut tree or come in black in high gloss, matt or other more subtle or more extravagant colors.

Technical data

Construction type Three-way set in a hybrid enclosure
Bandwidth 40Hz – 40 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 75 – 300 W
Nominal power  150 W
Nominal impedance 6 Ohm ( minimum 4 Ohm )
Bandwidth allocation 140Hz / 2700Hz
Efficiency  87 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 135 x 45 x 48

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