Tebe 2



TEBE 2 is a visual continuation of its predecessor with some changes in configuration, application and filtration.

Two Scan Speak domes working in a duet in the middle and top of the sound range remained unchanged. This duo perfectly creates natural detail, calmly embracing the rest of the frequencies.

The speakers are supposed to give a lot of pleasure and relaxation during the time spent together with “them.” However, there have been obvious changes in the method of filtration of the lower frequencies after the application of new loudspeakers.

TEBE II is now 3.5-way construction. A concept that is very close to 4-way systems in such a cheap construction, and on top of that natural wood on the front of the column and high gloss on the sides. Does it sound impossible? For us it is possible. In addition, the tapered midrange box ends with a lossy hole.

The new Bass Speakers are Braided carbon multi-layer from SB Acoustics. They can reproduce extremely powerful, warm and not tiring low sounds which, as you can guess, perfectly match the above-mentioned Scan Speak duo.


What makes us different

A beautiful natural arched wooden column front.

Natural detail, calmness and a definite full bass.

Complex 3.5-channel filtration in this price range

Decompression lossy hole in the midrange driver



Implementation of a 3.5-way application has created an unprecedented quality of bass reproduction in this price range and with this size of transducers.

We have composed the lowest sounds into a lightly presented but extremely detailed, but not sharp and consistently given top range complemented by an extremely light mid-range.

We have completed our assumptions. A column loudspeaker has been created that does not tire, does not cost much, but its character of the sound is unfortunately addictive. It fits perfectly with amplifiers that produce even dry sounds, warming the tone with warm bass.



Classical design, open with a front that climbs the curve. We made it from natural wood veneers laminated in order to obtain the desired shape, strength and to get rid of possible stresses. We went further and opened with the lossy hole a narrowing chamber of the midrange dome, which reduces the resonance of the chamber. The outlet of the hole is integrated into the loudspeaker’s nameplate.

The entire housing is made of 28 millimetre glued MDF with baffles designed to counteract standing waves. The sides are finished with a high gloss for an interesting contrast with the wood used on the front.



Construction type hybrid 3.5-way system
Bandwidth 35Hz – 20 kHz
Recomended amplifier power 60 – 200 W
Nominal power 120 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 150Hz / 650Hz / 2500Hz
Efficiency 88 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 124 x 20 x 50

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