Speakers designed for a listener with a broad range of music taste who likes a slightly heavier sound. Profiled sides of the enclosure intend to ensure perfect work conditions for the speakers. No undertones allow sound optimization.

What makes us different

bass speaker placed in the base, directed downwards

Horizontal placement of the bass speaker in the base made it possible to reach the goal of better bass adaptation and control

Short sound description

Darker sounding column loudspeakers. Both the midranges and trebles are clear and separated. The whole sound is wrapped, as is the listener, with warm, deep bass giving the feeling of a scene created by the speakers.

Enclosure characteristics

Enclosure is made of solid wood – two types of deciduous tree, glued alternately. Sides profiled similarly to bulkheads, with anti-resonance dilatation about 30 mm wide. All of it veneered with natural veneers. Enclosure can also be custom made in different color, including high gloss version.

Technical data

Model name TAU CETI
Suggested amplifier power [W] 30-200W
Impedance [ohm] 8
Weight of a single column loudspeaker 60 kg
Dimensions (length x width x depth) 138 x 33 x 49
Year of production 2014

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