The “Nebula” project was a huge challenge for us. We have set ourselves very high requirements regarding sound and design. The use of a sphere for application of all the transducers is an unusual practice among the manufacturers of column speakers. We have taken up this challenge, and spherical loudspeakers from Audio-Planet are already available. It is an event for connoisseurs of sound and beauty.

“Hi-End Spherical Loudspeakers” is an uncompromising application and sound, and at the same time one of the finest spherical speakers in the world. In some way aspiring to be the work of art, this visual project can arouse different feelings in the audience. However, it cannot be denied that these columns were a very challenging project. The whole set was handmade with solid wood. The soul and hand of an artist are necessary to create such a unique project.

Sound assumptions are Hi-End, just like in the case of “enclosures.” There was no room for compromise. Creating a scene at the highest level and space, as well as accuracy and selectivity, is made possible by ceramic “specialties” from Thiel / Accuton and an excellent woofer for applications in enclosed loudspeaker cabinets from Usher Audio. Spherical application, as well as the movement of the tweeter in relation to the axis of the column also affects the achieved scene. The whole effect can be best assessed by listening for which we would like to invite you.

What makes us different

Application ...

… dangerously approaching the perfection of sound and at the same time reducing the impact of room acoustics on the sound of the loudspeakers.

The adverse effect of sound diffraction has been completely eliminated,

Maximally minimized parasitic standing waves,

Ceramic Transducers – Thiel/Accuton


A unique design of hand-made spherical loudspeakers. Both the spheres and frame are giving the impression of a stone built entirely of wood.


Highest quality components in uncompromising crossovers having a huge impact on the unlimited scene and space.



We have combined uncompromising, almost ideal application with far-reaching assumptions about creating a sound devoid of any coloration, distortion, and elongation of reverbs. Absolute naturalness and accuracy combined with its speed, in an enclosed application, completely absorbs the listener. The primary assumption of “analytical sound” has been achieved. Closing eyes automatically takes the listener to the front rows just in front of the stage, on which a musical feast takes place. Even after a brief listening to this natural sound, when you open your eyes, you will be surprised by the lack of artists in front of you. This effect was achieved with the help of perfect filtering of the speakers and the use of components of the highest quality, which allowed to create a very transparent, selective, reaching brighter sounds of middle and upper frequencies. The whole is supported by an incredibly warm and massive bottom of range descending extremely low in relation to the size of the used woofer. Nebula will play together with warm Integra consistently and pleasantly. With a powerful transistor, they will show you what does the control of reverbs, and low humming bass really mean. Not requiring a strong power supply, with poor amplification Single Ends will sound cunningly and pleasurably, creating a good atmosphere.


We love music, and the sound loves wood. Both the sphere with high-gloss surface and the entire support structure imitating stone sculpture is made entirely of wood. Purist, upstanding application of speakers in enclosed chambers, almost acoustically perfect spheres filled only with natural sheep wool, is also a significant achievement in design. Not coincidentally the location of each speaker in relation to each other, as well as their inclination angles, were developed with respect to the listener. The application of transducers in spherical enclosures contributed to many achievements in the field of acoustics and the minimum number of resonances inside the spheres. Measurements have shown a complete lack of diffractions, and standing waves have been absolutely minimized. In contrast, the sound coming out of the column is not familiar with the concept of coloration or delay. The analyticity and punctuality are also affected by the highest quality transducers from Cell Accuton in the middle and at the top, and a quick bass from Usher taking care of the low frequencies. The whole is, as always, an original and unique design by Audio-Planet.


Construction type Enclosed and separated three-way system
Bandwidth 30Hz – 40 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 60 – 200 W
Nominal power  100 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm ( minimum 4,0 Ohm )
Bandwidth allocation 160Hz / 1700Hz
Efficiency 88 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 161 x 56 x 77

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