Monolith 2



“Monolith II” – The main reason for the creation of the second version of the speaker columns was the need to create a body with a smaller depth than its progenitor so that our speakers could also be used in slightly smaller rooms. The assumed project of the application with empty chambers allowed us to introduce changes without affecting the bass tuning so much to the liking of our customers. It can be assumed that the application and tuning, and hence the sound of the bass is kept unchanged in relation to Monolith. The approach to the design of the speakers has not changed, they still do not reveal their true potential. At the front, we can see only half of the applied speakers. A two-speaker bass section is hidden inside the column. In version II, we also made changes to the configuration. We changed the midrange driver, which more clearly outlines the contours of the vocals and makes the middle registers sound heavier.
The broadband speaker is supported by a very efficient 28 mm silk dome that definitely sets the tone for music. The woofer section is not only doubled but also separated and tuned independently. Two woofers work on obtaining one resonant frequency but in different applications and directions of action, thanks to which they can complement each other by expanding and diversifying the operation of the resonator system.
The design is a three-way multi-chamber system with 4 loudspeakers, double ventilated.
The body remained heavy, solid and monumental in its simplicity, but it became slightly slimmer while maintaining the height (more in the description of Monolith speaker columns).

What makes us different


Monolithic, solid and at the same time minimalistic body

A small mid-tone loudspeaker that fully fills its registers

arge 28 mm silk dome with strong sound

Precedent solution

A hybrid, separated, the double bass section

Surprisingly fine, resolute and universal sound



We have planned to create a universal, strong and open sound. And that is what we have achieved. The lightness and detail of the midrange have now been raised by the fuller contours of the vocals and more efficient operation in the lower registers. The combination with the resolution of the silk dome is supported by rich and coherent bass. The speakers love to show off and are thankful for turning the volume up. Description of the sound in two words – surprising and unexpected. The sound of the speakers will satisfy even more after checking the price of the set.


The tall, slim and deep construction is made entirely of MDF. Heavy and stable housing (walls and baffles – 30 mm thick). A 4-speaker system forced the internal complexity of the speaker column, which is standardly finished in a high gloss paint with gently engraved name of the model but nothing prevents you from personalizing the product not only with a choice of colour but also with finishing.

Technical data:

Construction type Four-speaker – hybrid three-way system
Bandwidth 42Hz – 20 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 40 – 200 W
Nominal power 160 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 140Hz / 1800Hz
Efficiency 88 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 144 x 22 x 50

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