“Tower” is a powerful, massive and at the same time a beautiful column speaker. The purpose of this model is to enrich our range of loudspeakers for slightly larger rooms. The project was created in parallel with its monitor version under the same name. The housing itself is a cylindrical design with a decagonal cross-section. Our objective was to obtain selectivity and subtlety of details supported by full and dynamic bass. To obtain good parameters of the upper registers we used the detail and precision of the well-known two speaker Tower Monitor system, so praised by our customers. However, from the “Tower” floorstanding speakers we require more power and more powerful sound. That’s why we’ve enriched the set with a strong subwoofer section located at the bottom of the housing and of course we have changed the parameters of the acoustic design in order to obtain a linear sound characteristics throughout the whole bandwidth.
The configuration of the transducers is a 5-inch SEAS with patented SpiderRing® technology characterized by a specially formed suspension enabling excellent control of the enlarged active surface in relation to other classic 5-inch speakers. It’s devoid of its own resonances. The membrane is made of braided polypropylene with phase linearizer. The small SEAS tweeter dome is perfectly suspended, very detailed and very linear. The lowest registers are handled by a 10-inch unit with a braided carbon fiber membrane. We obtained in this constructively ambitious project, with a seemingly modest configuration, a very efficient model with interesting sound.

What makes us different

Internal decagon application with an asymmetrical top

Wood and high gloss combined with an absolute mat

Oval front

a powerful, solid housing

Configuration - heat of polypropylene, detail of a small dome with the power of bass


Short sound description

“Tower” is a combination of an application of interesting configuration of transducers in an above-average, massive and solid housing. It has helped us to achieve dynamic and full sound with soft but very detailed, clear lines. Instruments and vocals are lead in the middle of the bandwidth accented by a delicate trebles with a very strong and solid bass. The loudspeakers are gently filtered, which in combination with the specific, interesting sound of polypropylene and the subtlety of the small dome gives us a pleasant sound, not tiring even during long listening sessions. The sounds are not intrusive or unnecessarily sharp. Tuned with more powerful amplifiers, even at quiet listening sessions, provide comfort of detail against the background of full, firm bass thanks to the supporting midrange. The high power of the loudspeakers allows to reveal its second nature by turning up the volume. A larger current will definitely stimulate the loudspeakers and the bass speaker together with the “midrange” will show not only the quality but also the power of the sound.


Assumptions related to Tower loudspeakers do not relate only to the quality but also to the power of the sound. The 10′ bass speaker required a large chamber and solid housing. The prototype model was made entirely of solid wood. The internal chambers are separated by an angularly placed in relation to the bottom of the column, in which we applied the bass speaker, and to its bevelled top solid – anti-resonance bulkhead. Wooden interior walls create an asymmetrical decagon. The outer wall of the column is a cylinder with an original bevel. The oval front is also intended for acoustic reasons. The entire cylinder is planted on a massive ring with the use of six cylindrical legs. The high clearance allows the bass speaker to work freely, even when listening loudly. Both SEASs are placed on the profiled overlay on the front, as well as two bas-reflex holes directed directly at the listener. The whole is painted and decorated on the sides, just like Tower – Monitor, with natural ash veneer dyed with warm walnut in high gloss. As usual, each column speaker is created together with the finish – on customer’s order.

Technical Data

Construction type Three way vented
Bandwidth 25Hz – 25 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 80 – 300 W
Nominal power 300 W
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 1900Hz / 190Hz
Efficiency 85 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 135 x 37 x 37

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