About Audio Planet

The goal of Audio Planet is to create column loudspeakers of quality and sound closest to perfection in a given price range. Our offer is aimed towards customers who expect the best sound combined with sophisticated design. Advanced products for the best possible sound made by our company also provide spectacular visual experience in your house, apartment or workplace. Matching them with already arranged interior or highlighting its unique features is our second goal. The harder the challenge, the more motivated we feel.

We offer a broad range of column loudspeaker designs– from antique shapes to the most futuristic forms, putting the sound and its quality as our top priority.

We have created 15 models which make the base for production of our custom made speakers. We want to show our possibilities and potential and that is why our offer has been prepared in a way that satisfies even the most demanding customer. When it comes to sound, every set is different. Each one of them has its own character and features. Our aim is not to offer the same product under different names.


Today we are proud to present the first models of our column loudspeakers: Tau Ceti, Tebe and Dune. Currently, we are working on finishing touches of the next three models: Monolith, Triangle and Nebula. During the next stage, we will create something special not only for stereo sound lovers – Naboo and Tower in floor-standing and bookshelf versions which can also be used with your home theater system.



The quality of sound in every model of our speakers is the most important matter for AUDIO PLANET. It is our priority and main goal. Selectivity of sound, separation, stereophony, scene creation, efficiency, dynamics and complete phase synchronization are the most important aspects we focus on to achieve perfection. We are working on obtaining as much as possible with high-class components and offering it to our customers for the best price.


Audio Planet manufactures custom made speakers, which means that our customers and their needs are of utmost importance to us. The number of models in our offer, their different configurations and enclosures are the proof of our attendance to your individual expectations. The main goal of the company is to match our designs to particular interiors and customer demands. We are open to fulfill custom orders not included in our offer. We can also listen and check our column loudspeakers at your place.


We are offering unique, custom projects with an advanced design. Audio Planet’s loudspeakers are meant to create a special event at your home and adorn the interiors that surround them. Care for details and the finishing touches are the priority of both, our designers as well as contractors.


Keeping up with the progress in the use of components and newest solutions is a necessity for us. Our customers want a unique and one of a kind product of the highest quality in a given price range. It forces us not only to keep the pace with the top producers but also to introduce innovative solutions and new trends to the audio market.


Taking into consideration that our loudspeakers are custom made, our consulting starts already during preliminary talks with our customers. Detailed familiarization with customers’ needs concerning both the sound and the design constitute the base of our consultation. After we establish the price range, we can give you advice not only on the type of speakers, cables and other equipment needed but also help you optimize your space to get the best possible sound experience.