Monolith 3



Since its premiere, the Monolith project has been the sum of the assumptions of massive, minimalist design and strong sound with seemingly modest equipment. This is the third variant of the development of this concept. In order to maintain similar power in a much smaller housing and when converting the bass section from two 6-inch speakers to one 8-inch transducer, we had to rebuild our MONOLITH III to a considerable extent. It is still a three-way structure, but with three speakers, ventilated on the front wall of the column. This monumental, heavy and massive casing does not reveal all its bass potential hidden in the internal chambers invisible to the listener’s eye. All of the Monolith speakers break certain stereotypes. They are similar, but they are different variants of one concept.
Information for fans of Monolith I and II. Of course, these two models remain in the Audio Planet offer. They still surprise listeners with their strong character and severity of the sound. You can listen to all of them and decide which Monolith suits your tastes best.
The very fact of the creation of the third version of these columns shows that the market is very interested in this model. It also demonstrates our flexibility and response to the needs of customers and the need to achieve similar sound but in different enclosures, at the same time drawing from the same project. We have created the latest version with several basic assumptions. Maintaining a strong sound with the application of a bass speaker at the bottom of the column with a characteristic reception effect. Maintaining a monolithic, simple expression, assuming that all speakers are changed and the enclosure is much less deep. We changed the body, it is shallower, but wider due to the change of the midrange driver and even higher than the previous two models to maintain the harmony of the body.
MONOLITH III also sounds differently. We equipped it with SB Acoustics transducers with the use of ceramised mounting. We have obtained a more massive, wider but also milder midrange. High tones are more illuminated in the upper parts, with a slightly lower resolution in the lower octaves. We achieved even lower bass than in previous models and we slightly softened its character.

Monolith III also provides new conceptual opportunities. Thanks to the wide range of different materials of SB Acoustics speaker membranes, the concept of creating hybrid sets has been drawn that allows to further customize the sound requirements of our customers while maintaining the general character of the loudspeakers. Similar assumptions apply to the entire Phobos series, whose first models are already being completed.

What makes us different

Full midrange but subtly drawn

Monolithic, heavy body

Detailed, beautifully illuminated trebles

Hybrid separated bass section on an 8-inch speaker

Determined, consistent and universal sound



This is the third edition of our Monolith column speaker, so we knew what we wanted to achieve. Universal, linearly aligned but strong, full and tangible sound. The character of the third edition is a slightly softer alternative to previous models. The fuller, massive midrange and clear, detailed trebles harmonize well with the low-reaching and full-sounding bass. Monolith III is an extravagant and classy product with surprising sound quality. The wide sound spectrum in the range of all Monolith models assures an interesting and very attractive offer on our market in this price class.


The third version of the Monolith loudspeakers does not differ much from its precursors. Despite the complete reconstruction of the new design, the housing remained heavy, restrained and stark. It’s Monolith in the full sense of the word. The three-speaker system with bass in the bottom forced the complexity of the interior of the speaker column. The housing proportions have changed. It is wider and higher but definitely shallower. We offer this model made of MDF and usually a high gloss finish. However, we can, like everything, personalize the finish of the columns even more.

Technical data:

Construction type Three way vented
Bandwidth 35Hz – 30 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 50 – 200 W
Nominal power 100 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 2500Hz / 150Hz
Efficiency 87 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 144 x 22 x 50

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