Phobos Monitor


Phobos Monitor 17 speaker columns are the first model of this series in the AP portfolio. We want to give more choice assuming different room requirements. Four models of these speaker columns provide a lot of alternative character and power within one series. Two monitors, or one of two floor models. Phobos in their several incarnations provide a combination of a balanced, universal sound with the possibility of its personalization as in the case of enclosure styling.
To power the series, we chose valued for their great freedom of presentation, fleshy rounded sound stage and low distortion SB speakers, unprecedented in this price range, available in a wide range of versions. Here, we seek this deeper personalization, using different types of transducer membranes, giving a wide range of performance options. However, it will always be a massive and calm sound with culture that pleases the ear and allows you to spend long moments with music.
Phobos is to be our most affordable offering and a solution to those who do not intend to use expensive and powerful amplifiers.

What makes us different

full personalization of finish

very solid enclosure

neutral, full and consistent sound

low levels of distortion

better price options



The sound assumption of the Phobos series is universality. Monitor 17 is an alternative for those who cannot afford floor speakers for various reasons and value full deep bass. We assure you that the PHOBOS M 17 will wrap you in a warm, full bass with a soft tone color. This does not mean that it will not be able to cope with a more firm sound. The character of the sound is very coherent and full with a wide stage, absorbing the listener. Both the midrange and treble do not break above the balanced band graph. While the trebles sometimes like to shine in their high parts, the midrange does not stand out in the foreground, leaving the rest of the sounds definitely in the background, but gently draws its images and makes sure to outline the bass where it is needed. The general reception is a pleasant soft sound similar to the curves proposed by the lamp with a light matte shade. It gives pleasure and relaxation even during long listening sessions without tiring the listener.


Classic cuboid is made of 25 mm MDF. The front overlay proposed by us in a different color is to give the character of the whole series and be its showcase. The thickness of the wall and the cover just mentioned are an additional guarantee of stable sound. Inside, we installed an openwork, angular partition and the bass reflexes, as in most of our models, is directed to the front wall. For those who need bases for columns, we have designed pedestals referring in color to the front overlay. Phobos is a conservative block with an exclusive look and finish on request. We carry out both wood and opaque varnish.

Technical data

Construction type Two way vented
Bandwidth 42Hz – 30 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 40 – 120 W
Nominal power  60 W
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 3000Hz
Efficiency 86 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 50 x 20 x 39

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