General characteristics

Speakers made for subtle music which requires many details and clear separation of midranges and trebles as well as finely built scene. Jazz, for example, needs all the mentioned above features, as well as full and dynamic bass. Scan Speak loudspeakers are in charge of the midranges and trebles. Usher takes care of the bass. With such small enclosure we decided for a double solution and bass reflex directed to the front. We are sure that we got what we wanted. Jazz is a very demanding genre of music. Speakers that deal fine with jazz should not have any problems with classical music or any other type of highly demanding genre.
Despite being small, TEBE speakers offer high power. They will easily fill out with the sound a space of over 40 m. 30 mm thick side walls of the enclosure cause the speakers to weigh around 60 kg. Such weight gives the comfort of stable and highly controlled sound. They stand out because of the beautiful line and class of furniture.

What makes us different

bass-reflex placed on the front side of enclosure

Bass-reflex placed on the front side of enclosure is an intentional move – it improves dynamics allowing more options for placing the speakers.

Bi-amping and bi-wiring connection system

short sound description

Subtle and clear treble perfectly co-operates with midranges. Bass is powerful and deep. However, it does not dominate appearing at the right moment with the intended intensity. It offers an analytic character where trebles and midranges are dominant creating dynamic and on point sound.

Enclosure characteristics

The slightly arched front side of the speaker’s enclosure makes it subtly predatory which is emphasized by leaning of the top surface of the enclosure. The front is made of several layers of solid ash wood which enhances the aesthetics aspect as well as the acoustics and also eliminates tensions and resonances. Bass-reflex directed to the front allows for easier positioning in the room.
We offer enclosures in any color and style at the request of the customer. Details by phone or e-mail.

Technical data

Model name TEBE
Suggested amplifier power [W] 30-200
Impedance [ohm] 4
Weight of a single column loudspeaker 48 kg
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 122 x 20 x 49
Year of production 2015

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