Naboo, a rare representative of the high-performance design with a point source of the sound. The biggest treat for all lovers of vinyl sources and tube amplification. We are going back with our memories to the sound and design reminiscent of the 60s, of course, with a refreshed design.
Audio-Planet could not forget about this part of music lovers and audiophiles. We have prepared two proposals for the construction of this type – we have already presented the first of them in the form of Naboo monitor. Today it is time for a little more powerful and lower descending model of Naboo in floorstanding design.
Naboo is a beautiful, classic drawing of enclosure combined with a visually light base. The application and magnetizing appearance of the full range loudspeaker will catch your eye from the first moment you come in contact with them.
Naboo are large due to the requirements of the application of specialized full range drivers. However, the stylistic drawing has added much lightness to the project.
Excellent coherence, very high efficiency and easy to drive 8-ohm impedance are three particular features determining the purpose of the loudspeakers.

What makes us different


Highly efficient full range 95dB application

Excellent cellulose, kevlar, neodymium and copper transducers


The unconditional coherence of all subbands

Absolute full range phase matching


Dual chamber design of the application

Perfect for Single-End amplification


By assumption, in one-way loudspeaker designs, there is no need to worry about aspects difficult to achieve in classic designs, such as coherence, matching phase and sound. Here it is given immediately. However, nothing comes easily. We know that some stop at that point while constructing full range designs but not Audio-Planet. The speakers are filtered with the use of specialized systems compensating tonal balance and correcting octave bands. The application of speakers is a hybrid two-chamber construction, which improves reception and sounding of the lowest frequencies. Anyone who has listened to the unfiltered full range loudspeaker designs knows how they can hurt your ears and disappoint with the amount of bass. Here, nobody will get disappointed. We guarantee linear tonal balance and the appropriate size of the bass base. We have also added to it some extra control for free.

How do they sound? Unprecedented palpability, openness and definite presentation of the composition is combined with soft, sufficient in its amount and speed, bass accompanied with a tangible expression of trebles. It is not possible to describe it in such a small amount of words, but it is definitely worth listening.


The combination of natural veneers and high-gloss finish. Skeleton and walls made of birch plywood. Classic rectangular design. External aesthetic and practical customisations complete the whole project.
The dual-chamber one-way application with the Helmholtz resonator is the way our designers achieve soft and rounded bass from a lightweight membrane of a full range speaker that will best correlate with the naturalness and openness of the whole mid-range. The unique connection between the chambers, damping and inside diffusers work together on establishing specific, quiet operation of air resonance in the cavity.
The selected transducer is not a random cellulose unit. Hardened and stiffened with Kevlar® fibers cellulosic membrane with a unique copper phase plug and a robust and powerful neodymium drive system. Coil with a relatively high pitch works in a gap fondled with symmetrizing Faraday rings. The whole in cast chassis creates one of the most interesting speakers of this type in the world.

Technical data

Construction type One way full range hybrid MLTL enclosure type
Bandwidth 40Hz – 20 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 10 – 160 W
Nominal power  80 W
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation Regulation +/- 1dB of tonal ballance 500Hz – 2000Hz
Efficiency 95 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 118 x 34 x 45

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