Tower Monitor



Tower Monitor is a beautiful muscular enclosure and a simple 2-way vented speaker system.
This seemingly modest configuration in a very ambitious application is proof of how AP approaches each challenge. Even loudspeakers that cannot become our flagship models must not only climb to the heights of sound quality but also have to be a visual event.
The external appearance of the originally inclined cylindrical top of the enclosure with an oval front and beautiful classic decorations does not reveal what is inside. The internal application comprises of asymmetrical horizontal walls with a vertical decagonical arrangement made of solid wood.
5-inch SEAS speaker configuration with patented SpiderRing® technology. These drivers are characterized by a specially formed suspension allowing for perfect control of enlarged active surface in relation to other classic 5-inch speakers. The cone in this model is a resonance-free, braided polypropylene material with a phase corrector inside. The small dome tweeter is also a perfectly suspended SEAS with very detailed and linear sound. 

What makes us different

Advanced Enclosure

Interior decagon application with asymmetrical top

Oval front application

Wood and high gloss

Muscular solid enclosure

Interesting transducer configuration

Combination of polypropylene warmth and the small dome’s detail



The combination of a specific application in an above-average massive (as for monitors) enclosure with the selected speaker configuration gives a fast, and at the same time, full sound which is soft but very detailed. The speakers are filtered very gently, and the polypropylene cone’s tone and subtlety of the small dome ensure the pleasure of listening, and the sound does not tire even during long “meetings” with music. The sounds coming out of the speakers do not try to be intrusive or unnecessarily too effective. Their sound does not tire even when we are already tired. The proportions and massiveness of the bass notes is fully sufficient, in relation to the rest of the band and for such a small speaker.


The column loudspeakers are made of solid wood. The vertical construction of the non-isosceles decagon inside, on the outside, takes the form of a cylinder, which has an originally bevelled top. The whole is varnished with satin black with additions of high gloss and ash veneers dyed to a chestnut colour. The oval front is also intended for acoustic reasons. The loudspeakers are equipped with specially designed stands, which at the customer’s request can become an integral part of them.

Technical data

Construction type Two way vented
Bandwidth 50Hz – 25 kHz (6dB)
Recomended amplifier power 40 – 160 W
Nominal power 60 W
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 1900Hz
Efficiency 85 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 54 (+121) x 33 x 31

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