How are the Audio Planet’s column loudspeakers made?

They are made with Passion. We use our Knowledge and Professionalism of people who create them with the use of the best material, components and speakers to get the Quality, Style and Harmony.
Many patents and ideas of the solutions built today are taken from space technology. Although we reach to far space to gain inspiration, we keep our feet firmly on the ground.




Loudspeaker enclosure is a sum of the intentions of a designer and demands of an acoustician, or rather speakers. Our goal is to create attractive designs, but above all well-performing cabinets for the best possible sound. We pay close attention to the kind of material used to make our cabinets. We use wood wherever we can. Sound and wood make a great couple. Even if we use glass or stone in our design, we still include wood to enhance the sound.

Many elements during the production of our speakers are hand-made. Most often there is no other way to get the job done on specific parts. It ensures the precise manufacturing and satisfaction of having a unique, one of a kind product.