Our flagship model

After six years, we have introduced our new flagship model. It does not mean that the “Nebula” model has lost its original splendour, but the world is moving forward and now is the time for a new, more powerful successor. This 5-driver and four-way “monster” is a much more powerful set. “ALIEN” is a set weighing much more than half a ton, has a power of over 800 Watts in a sine wave, but surprises with the balance of sound despite its shocking appearance and composition of the application. This is a model that is looking for competition among the best.


ALIEN 5/4 is a more powerful and bigger brother of two other models with the same name. It is a two-meter giant with very ambitious assumptions of the application and a huge mass. This complex and demanding housing is equipped with a powerful high-end loudspeaker arsenal. The symbol 5/4 means five drivers and four ways. Confronted with our assumptions, many believed that we would obtain a powerful bass and then would not be able to control the chaos. Our plans were absolutely different. The whole construction is the result of very tedious work and many analyzes. This project was two years in the making. During the creation of “Alien”, we focused mainly on harmony, realistic scene and perfect separation of sounds instead of focusing only on its power and the power of sound. And that is what we have achieved. These loudspeakers are not for the use at the disco, but for the sophisticated ear of a music lover. A powerful battery of 3 bass speakers is not only to create pressure and noise or crush people’s ribs like a set of subwoofers, as some have assumed. Their task is to cooperate and try to create harmony in the search for a perfect bass. What a single loudspeaker (even the most expensive and the finest) could not do on its own, we realize with a set of three transducers. Similarly to three tenors, we want to surprise the audience with a perfect, complex sound, with “voices” complementing each other and approaching the perfection. Speakers, despite the application in separate environments, have the task to cooperate with each other thanks to appropriate filtration. Each of the speakers plays their sounds in a different part of the range, but they can play together like a proper duo, trio or even quintet and be absolutely silent in parts predicted by the composer. There is no race for the loudest sound possible, there is no need to prove anything. There are cooperation and culture in pursuit of the best sound.
The loudspeaker application has been designed in the shape of a lens, which is supposed to focus dynamics and power while maintaining the precision and consistency of the sound. It also allows the direct reverbs on the axis of each speaker to be placed faultlessly in the listening point, which is a pleasure haven for the listener’s ears, and to diffuse the sound smoothly to fill even the largest rooms. There is no room for randomness and coincidence.  The loudspeakers together create a very high level of dynamics, allowing the whole structure to play at a given level of efficiency. The speaker application itself consists of 5 independent environments. Of this, 4 autonomous cocoons are formed into the shape of smooth cigars (or jet engines) on the outside, inside they are irregularly elliptical. This shape is probably the closest ideal environment for the back of the speaker membrane. They are guarded by an applied in “Alien” beryllium dome, pointing to every detail requiring “its” interference so that the sound is perfect and the details of the upper registers are subtle and realistic.
The configuration of transducer applications is a combination of Scan Speak aluminium bass speakers, a cellulose woofer, and a papyrus mid-woofer and beryllium dome from Satori.

What makes us different

hybrid construction

lenticular application



Beryllium tweeter

composition of the amazing sound, beauty and uniqueness of art



Short sound description

The whole sound creation of the column loudspeaker focuses on Dynamics and Consistency combined with a precisely detailed scene and decisive sounding of details. Contrarily to its appearance, the bass does not dominate, does not blare, does not take centre stage. Beryllium tweeter is a masterpiece in its field. The perfectly rigid and light membrane is a guarantee of naturalness and micro details. It smoothly transforms into extremely dynamic and contour middle ranges painted with a warm line. It is not afraid of the lowest registers of vocals. Here, it is seamlessly supported by a cellulose membrane of a 9-inch woofer, which in turn makes sure that two 10-inch aluminium subwoofers no longer have to worry about higher bass scoring and focus on complementing each other in the quest for the lowest registers and pumping strong beats of bass, which appears where it is necessary for the recordings. There is simply a ban on bragging about the power and coming to the forefront where it is not necessary. The culture and etiquette of playing are valid here. Showing off with its full potential is only allowed when the recording engineer allows for it. When it is needed to strike, they strike when they are to murmur, they murmur. It is the essence of the culture and taste of the sound.


A lot can be said about the “Alien” housing. We will try to briefly describe its unique construction as the only one of such kind on a global scale. It is a structure of five independent environments, providing each loudspeaker with the comfort of independent work, without contamination by resonances and the influence of the work of the neighbouring transducer. Alien is a composite construction made of MDF and wooden plywood entirely hand-made by specialists in the field of wood.
For better use of the impact of the diversity of environments on sound, we have taken the challenge of controlling two bass drivers through different tuning, attenuation and application. The selection of transducers and the method of application allowed us to implement one more idea in the Alien project – we have created a hybrid housing. The construction of resonant systems of each of the bass speakers allows for suppression or complete closure of the chambers. In this way, we obtained additional properties of the structure with lossy openings or the effect of closed chambers. This can be achieved by specially prepared two types of silencers supplied with the speakers. Thanks to this, the listener can experiment, adjust the sound of the speakers to room acoustics and personal preferences. When designing, we also thought about the appearance and proportions. The thickness of the walls in individual cocoons ranges from 4-9 cm to maintain the proportions of the entire enclosure. A pair of speaker columns weighs well over half a ton and is over two meters high.
Both the cocoons and the casing of the beryllium dome are arranged in a focusing lens that directs the sound from all transducers directly to the listener’s ears.
As we have mentioned at the beginning, it is an extraordinary and unique project. We are already preparing the premiere of its smaller brother, Alien 4/4. Both of our flagship models can, of course, be finished to match our customer’s needs.

Technical data

Construction type separated 4-way 5-speaker construction
Bandwidth 20Hz – 40 kHz
Recomended amplifier power 100 – 400 W
Nominal power 400 W
Nominal impedance 4 Ohm
Bandwidth allocation 80Hz / 240Hz / 2100Hz
Efficiency 92 dB (2.83V/1m)
Dimensions (length x width x depth) cm 203 x 51 x 106

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